I work with women, supporting them to transition through the complex terrain of mid-life anD in making their unique contribution to the world.

I work with women to help them grow and flourish in all aspects of their lives.  Their relationships, their love, their career, their sexuality, their purpose, all of it!  I am passionate about working with women to really focus on thriving in their life; taking off the masks we wear and getting back to the original essence of who we are.  I believe that when women live from this place in their life, not only do they awaken many parts of themselves that they have been hiding, they absolutely step into their own personal power.


does this sound like you?

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Do you want to transform outdated belief systems from your past that are not serving you anymore?  Do you intuitively feel like you are outgrowing your life, your relationships, your work?

 The first gentle signs of midlife transition are like an silent tremor within. Strange new thoughts, sensations and emotions are shifting inside, urging you to change. A desire to connect with things that made you happier in younger days. Carrying out dated belief systems can be really exhausting, when we get sick of all of these and we listen to our body this is a deep intuitive knowing that it’s time for change.


You feel like there has to be more to life than what you are experiencing right now?

 Are you a smart, high achieving woman who wants more out of her life?  Has climbing the corporate grindstone, burned you out and got you thinking there is more to me than this?  I want to peel off all the masks I have been wearing and see what is under the there. What does the real me look like? Are you ready for change in your life?

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Is your body giving you messages that it’s time for a change?  Whether it be through strong emotions that you are finding hard to deal with or your health is not great?  Are you experiencing strong pain? Are you peri-menopausal symptoms quite strong?

 Our psyche gives some of us a chance to heal fragmented childhood wounds as we come through mid-life.  Often pain is a sign of emotional pain that has not been resolved. Midlife and Menopause are a time for immense transformation for a woman if she can learn to fold inward. Your identity in all roles in your life - lover, mother, wife, sister and friend - are transforming. Your body-mind is telling you it is time to embrace your gifts you were given. You can either fight this or you can learn to walk toward it, learn to listen to the whispers of your intuition and her messages to you. In the coaching process we can tune into these parts of you and work with them to integrate them back into your conscious body-mind.


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