Midlife is a time of immense transition. Brene Brown calls is the ‘the great unravelling’. Our psyche gives us the gift of healing our parts of ourselves that are fragmented from our childhood, allowing us to de-armour our body, show our heart and speak our truth. In women we are also entering peri-menopause. The psychological aspects of this start way before the physical. It starts with a deep yearning, silent earthquakes within. A desire for ‘more’ in life, questioning all you believe to be true. Your secret desires urging to reveal themselves.

In Western Society, we have a negative cultural narrative around midlife and ageing. Do you know in Asia, menopause is know as ‘Second Spring’? It is a time for immense transformation for women. It is a time to embrace the gifts you were given.

 We’ll work with embodied practices that work with different parts of the brain and body so that you are able to listen deeply to the innate intelligence and wisdom within your body.


What will you get from coaching?

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1.     Clarity on your desires in your life and experience deep transformation

 We will explore through the coaching process what it is you really want in your life.  We use processes that explore your cortical brain (your rational thinking part of your brain), your limbic brain (where your emotions and feelings are stored) and your primal ‘reptilian’ brain (the oldest part of your brain that regulates your nervous system), to get in really deep into your inner world and bring those desires to the surface. This will give you a language to describe your body sensations, thoughts and emotions.

2. We will identify and work with old belief systems from the past that are holding you back from getting what you want in life

 We often experience conflict between different parts of ourselves and our different inner voices in our head and can end up unconsciously working against ourselves. We will explore any old habits and patterns of behaviour that you have been carrying since childhood that are also stored in your emotional anatomy that have stopped you from getting exactly what you want in your life. You will learn how to work with yourself and how to recognise these old habits and patterns and how to self regulate and create the outcomes you want in your life.


2.     Learn tools and strategies to communicate your needs to others.

 We will work with tools and practices that will allow you to really drop in and feel sensations within your body.  This will allow you to get really clear on your boundaries and communicate what you need and want to others.



 3.     Practice bringing your new found skills into your everyday life

 We will work with many embodied practices that you can use in your daily life to experience your emotions in a grounded way and create a sense of safety in your body.  These practices allow you develop new belief systems and narratives that will both support and soothe your body-mind and will support you to create new neural pathways that will allow you to feel pleasure. They will give you a deep capacity to listen to your body’s innate wisdom and learn how to create moments of self-care for yourself that will support your nervous system.


4.     Grow the quality of intuition and presence within you

 We will build strong conscious connections in your body-mind so that you can listen deeply to your inner wisdom whilst simultaneously building your inner resilience that supports your to thrive. This will create a deeper awareness of the felt sense of your body’s language it uses to communicate with you, allowing you to grow your capacity for your own self-awareness and the emotional expression of those around you.

What to expect from Coaching?


We will have an initial discovery call to determine whether we are a good fit to work together. Coaching is a collaborative relationship and so it is important that we feel like we can work together. Once we have completed our discovery call, I will tailor a coaching program to meet all your developmental goals and we will meet either weekly or fortnightly via zoom (like Skype). We will either work together for 3-6 months depending on the frequency that we work together (weekly or fortnightly).

If you would like to go ahead and explore the coaching process, please click on the button below and fill in the intake form to start the journey!