Hello, I’m Kellie

I am a Coach, wife,  mum to two beautiful boys, oil painter, garden aficionado and a crazy obsessive reader.

Prior to taking the dive into coaching and deep study into adult development, integrated sexuality, love and relationships, I had a career in the corporate sector as a leadership and organisational development expert.


I love learning and am a really curious person.  I’ve been working in the field of human development and change for 25 years.  I have been a coach for the last 9 years.  When I left university I worked in the corporate sector, in environments where there were constant change.  Large scale change tends to produce a boiling pot of human behaviour. I found myself having to coach a lot of the leaders I was working with, before I even knew what being a coach was.

I have always been fascinated as to why some people keep learning and others become stuck in old habits and patterns they just cannot seem to break out of. I see friends struggling in relationships, for example, when one person is really growing and changing and their partner is not.  I have worked with so many high achieving women who really struggle to be their authentic selves in the very masculine world of work because they can’t step into their feminine leadership.  People get only a glimpse of the real person. They know something is missing in how they live their life but they can’t quite put their finger on it.  Sound familiar?

 I was one of those women myself and my own body stopped me and told me to slow down when I experienced a random mystery illness. It stopped me in my tracks; I pursued body based approaches to try and heal my body.  I learned that our body has so much intelligence, if we just to listen to her. In responding to this illness and with my perspective on human behaviour, I have read voraciously, researched and taken study. I have distilled some key learnings, experimented with different approaches and kept an open mind as to what works.

 I have worked with people from all walks of life who work in a wide variety of industries.  I have multiple coaching certifications having studied deeply into adult development and integrated sexuality, love and relationships and I am able to work with this knowledge and implement it in a very pragmatic way. This means I’m highly credential to work with all aspects of you – mind, body and spirit.

 I believe humans are multi-faceted and capable of expressing the widest range of emotions through different aspects of themselves. Our conditioning has forced us to hide and disown aspects of ourselves and we adapt so we can fit into the social systems we interact within. Whether it be a family system, friendship group, work culture we shrink ourselves to fit. Ultimately my coaching work is all about lighting you up and opening you up to all the aspects of yourself, stripping off those masks you are wearing and giving you all the tools to shine in the world.

I’m focused on how you think, what you feel and what you do, really giving you a strong ability to be aware of your thoughts and feelings and the expression of those within your body.  I love seeing women thrive and become really comfortable in themselves and proudly shout out to the world who they are.

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I am in my mid-50’s, mother and partner, successful professional. Over my career I also needed to take on a lot of therapeutic work to manage issues from a difficult childhood. Kellie’s work is for ME. It is to extend me past my ‘hang ups’, explore my vulnerability in pursuit of joy and freedom I want at this stage of my life. Emotional freedom, physical freedom, and deeper self-knowledge. I am using the work with Kellie to find my post-50 liberation. And loving it!
Kellie your ways of working are so different than those that I have previously worked with and I am sad that these sessions have now come to an end. As I was sitting here thinking about what it was I learnt from you, it is funny but I just feel so different which is a really good feeling. I am also much more able to step away from things that don’t align with me in regards to my integrity. thank you
Kellie you made me feel important and worthwhile which allowed me to open up to you. You are one of the first people that I have worked with that valued me as who I was and for that I am so grateful. You were open and honest with me which allowed me to be myself when I was in contact with you. You have so many amazing skills to share with so many people.
Kellie has a unique gift where she empowers her clients to work through what is stopping them from being the best they can be. Working with Kellie is like talking with a friend who cares about you deeply, and is committed to seeing you rise.
Kellie is a well rounded coach, with a vast wealth of life and professional experiences that she draws on during her coaching sessions. Her ability to connect with me during our sessions made her invaluable in taking me on the journey of personal and professional transformation i had chosen. A safe environment of understanding and acceptance is what she created during our time together. This helped her explore the root causes of my constraints and she assisted me in unraveling them and more importantly dealing with them. I feel lucky to have been coached by Kellie as she has assisted in my professional and personal development, a gift that will last for the rest of my life. For that i will always be grateful. Thank you Kellie
Working with Kellie was challenging, rewarding and for me transformational. I feel more equipped now to tackle life’s challenges. I originally practiced the strategies we developed everyday, now I don’t need to as they have just become part of how I interpret, interact and reflect on the relationships and world around me. There are very few experiences that change how we see the world, and ourselves in it, Kellie was able to provide me with skills to develop my reflective practice without living in the past, forethought without constantly chasing the future and the mindfulness to live in the now
Kellie has an amazing ability to identify what drives a persons actions recognizing fear as something to lean into not run from. This experience has equipped me to challenge my own behaviours and responses. Coming from a position of empathy when observing poor behaviour is something that I hope becomes usual practice for me. Best professional development I’ve ever done
Thank you Kellie, for helping me uncover more layers of myself; particular with my mind-body connection. Thank you for being supportive and caring, and allowing me to have the space to laugh at myself.